Moby Dick & Movember

Just a quick post to thank lovely Laura from Devouring Texts for sending Moby Dick out to me! Laura reached her 500th post last week and to mark it she offered up some of her books to her followers, I asked for Moby Dick and it arrived this morning so thank you so much Laura!
I also wanted to say that Movember is upon us! If you're thinking Mo..What? Then read below!

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men's faces in the UK and around the world. The aim of which is to  raise vital funds and awareness for Men's health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

I'm all for anything which encourages men to moustache up, especially if it raises awareness and money for such a good cause, but alas, I cannot grow facial hair myself so I have settled for donating to Movember UK. Anyone can donate, as little or large amount as they like and you can even donate using paypal. Alternatively, Gee is holding a giveaway for anyone who donates to her page on the Movember site where 3 lucky people will win one of her fabulous drawings to use on their blog or for whichever use they like!

I'm featuring Gee's Movember button on my sidebar and if you'd like to feature it also and help raise awareness you can find the code on her blog.

*You can donate worldwide, it's not only limited to the UK


  1. What a great charity and so good for awareness.

    The NHL is always a big supporter of Movember. For whatever reason, it seems like hockey players grow faster/bushier/more ridiculous mustaches than anyone else. :)

    Alas, no hockey this year as there is a lock out. Pity.

    1. I'm sorry I tuned out after "hockey players" and "moustaches"...:)

  2. I've started listening to free podcasts of an audiobook version of Moby Dick! It's wonderful so far, dripping with symbolism. Have you read it before?

    1. I haven't! Very much looking forward to it though, I think I've wanted to read it since Matilda! "Call me Ishmael" at the end of that movie always intrigued me haha, I'll look out for a review from you then!


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