Can't See The Forest For The Trees

Starting a new "week in photo's" type of post, I always see these on other's blogs and I wanted to share in it! So here is my week via my Instagram feed! Hope you like!

Drafting my dissertation, mid-study treats, exciting post, Edward Cullen - Yes - I own this t-shirt! (to sleep in...), The Little Mermaid - Yes - I own this t-shirt too - though it's not for sleeping! :), Watched while getting ready to go away for the night, Marilyn Manson for best friends birthday, Hotel drinking - Raspberry Absolut is heaven-sent, Said best friend preparing to celebrate her 22nd, Birthday buffet and resulting food coma, Gave blood, One year ago - feeling nostalgic, Walked to the top of a rather large hill in Scotland to top off the celebrations.

Something new and interesting (I hope!) and a little personal too. If you'd like to follow me on Instagram, my handle is @degausserxo

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