Bookish Christmas Haul

Just a little post about the bookish things I got for Christmas! First up from my brother I got this amazing GOT book; Inside HBO's Game Of Thrones. It's a beautiful book, the cover is gorgeous and it's opened by a preface from GRRM himself. There are chapters about each of the main family's and characters and the locations, as well as some behind the scenes stuff! Such a great gift to receive if you love the series like I do!

I also got the Invisible Monsters Remix! This has been on my list for so long now and is basically a remixed version of the original story. I adore Palahniuk so this was a must have for me but I've never read or even really heard of a remix book before (unless you count the horror-classics like Pride & Prejudice & Zombies) so this will be an interesting one! I'll definitely do a post when I've read it to let you all know how it differs from the original.

I also got James Franco's d├ębut novel Palo Alto which I'm reading at the moment. I've wanted this book for a long time because I have a very soft spot for Mr. Franco but I was worried it wasn't going to live up to my (very high) expectations...luckily though I think it's great! I'm really liking his writing style and it's reminiscent of a lot of other writers I like, expect a post soon!

Some GRRM! Hurrah! I'm so excited to get stuck into Fevre Dream, again; expect a post soon!

And finally; a Personal Library Kit! How cool is this?!? It was a gift from my best friend who had told me she'd found me "the perfect gift" and how right she was! In the kit you get a changeable date stamp, ink pad, pencil and inserts for your books to stamp, needless to say I'll be stamping all of my books...

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