Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Series I Have Yet To Finish:

I'm really going to have trouble with this weeks topic, because I don't really read that many series, and if I do, I tend to finish them. I actually don't think I could make a list of 10 series I have read...With that in mind I'm going to have to change up the prompt to have anything to write about this week, so here's my...

Top Five Books I Have Yet To Finish:

1) Titus Groan (oh hey that actually is from a series!) - Mervyn Peake. I started reading this a few weeks ago and got about half way through before I put it down for a few days, after that I started a couple of new books and I just haven't got back into it yet.

2) The Complete Marquis De Sade, Vol.1 - Marquis De Sade, Paul J. Gillette. I bought this from Amazon after picking up an Angela Carter non-fiction at a charity shop called The Sadien Woman, where she discusses Sade's work. I bought the book more so to read and understand the criticism and theories on his work and understood that it was, shall we say, not for the light hearted? So I recommend neither of these titles if you are under 18, as they both contain mature content.

3) Birdsong - Sebastian Faulks. I mentioned this in my mini-haul last week and haven't started it yet, though I'm excited to!

4) White Oleander - Janet Fitch. Same reason as the above!

5) Superman: Man Of Steel John Byrne, Marv Wolfman, Jerry Ordway and Karl Kesel. A graphic novel, not a book, but I'll include it anyway! I'm a big Superman fan, he's my second favourite Superhero, not much to say about this really, other than I'm reading it currently. 

Maybe some of you should recommend me some series so that I don't get stuck like this again...

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