Come on babe, on the round about, ride on the merry-go-round...

❆ First snow of the season!  Footprints in the snow   ...More snow (I'm very excitable)  Disney laptop wallpaper, really need a break from all things Disney at the minute though seen as it's what my dissertation is on  Ponytail selfie  Had a LOTR marathon with my brother (who was very invested in the expirience) ❆ Cold mornings brrrrrr  Cinema with my maw to see Breaking Dawn Part 2  Star Wars masks in Asda ❆ I'd never really forgotten the horror of Ren & Stimpy but it was still creeptastic to watch after all this time ❆ Hat selfie  Christmas/Wizard Of Oz Nails  Definitely time to break out the Christmas Bublé  1st Christmas card!  Christmassy bedroom setup  Happy Birthday Jim Morrisson  Short screening of Led Zeppelin's Celebration Day on TV!  iTunes radio is my favourite 

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