Top Ten Settings I'd Like To See More Of (Or At All)

1) England - I realise there are a lot of English-set novels, particularly of the classic variety, but I'm talking more modern here. I think I've read 2 modern English novels in the past year and I'd really like to read more this year. 

2) New Orleans/The Bayou - I have a little compulsion when it comes to this setting, and I tend to be drawn to books that are set there...more please.

3) The Past (Medieval) - We all know I'm a big huge massive fan of ASOIAF, and I feel like I need a little something else to obsess over in case GRRM does the unimaginable and breaks my heart by taking away my beloved best character :(

4) The Past (Romanticism) - I'm talking Austen, Bronte, etc..you can never have too many books set in this era.

5) The Past (Victorian/Georgian/Edwardian) All those romantic poetic men like Tennyson and Elliot...yes please, more.

6)The Past (Post Modern - 60's/70's) - My favourite decades! And I barely ever find books set in them, I think I've read 6 or 7 max, and none were exactly top notch.

8) Boats/n'HoesShips - I really like novels set on boats, especially if they're done cleverly and sound authentic, because then you're learning something too. I once wrote a script set a ship using only information I'd garnered from novels. So handy.

9) Hollywood - Classic Hollywood, why aren't you in more novels? I love classic Hollywood, the language, the style, the feel, everything. 

10) Planes - Like the boats, I like having a book set on one confined space, because then they have to be really character driven, which I love. Look at Life of Pi, Pi had only his imagination and a life boat - yet Martel gave us a story that felt huge.


  1. I basically agree with ever past setting you mentioned! I love historical fiction, and I would love to see more of it :)

  2. Sounds like anything set in the past would be a winner for you!

    Here’s my Top Ten Settings. Come by, if you can, and share your thoughts.

  3. Ohh New Orleans would be a great setting, it was a neat place to go visit.
    My co-blogger and I have Victorian settings as well :)

    Our TTT @The Quiet Concert

  4. enjoy your settings myself.. i do have a couple of these on my list as well


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