Today's post is brought to us by the letter I, for infuriating.

There is a new plague infecting the streets of Britain, a plague which strikes me to my core with anger and revulsion. This particular affliction seems to have infected young girls particularly, and mainly ones who shop in the mind numbingly dull pavilion of same-ity, the clone maker that is...Topshop. Yes that's right, this is a rant about those t-shirts.
I am seeing these things everywhere at the minute and it's really irritating to me, partly because I wish people would be a little more original, and not simply buy any overpriced scrap of fabric just because it's in a shop that's popular, but mostly because of the words emblazoned on the fronts.

Why are girls so keen to slam themselves with words that are, to me anyway, derogatory? What is a geek? Why can't we just be who we are without having to separate ourselves into these little cliques of people? It's just so childish. I'm a huge fan of the photo-sharing app Instagram, but more and more on there I'm seeing things like photo's of 3 books of a shelf and the caption, "I'm such a geek!" Why are you? A "geek" is defined as;

An unfashionable or socially inept person.

So you are socially inept because you can read, and/or enjoy reading? No, you are average. With that in mind, here are, what I consider to be improved, versions.

What do you think Topshop? A marked improvement I'm sure. This has been a post.

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  1. This made me chuckle a little, I'm not sure that was your intention but it sounded so like one of my little rants and you're *new and improved* t-shirts were hilarious!! Especially the 'I now proclaim myself the type of person I mocked in school' one!
    Down with topshop!! Hehe


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