Dystopian Overload.

I've been very lacking in terms of this blog over the last few weeks, so I'm sorry for that! I seem to have no problem wasting my time away from the computer but every time I am on here I feel guilty for blogging when I have so much work to be getting on with! I'm in the process of writing a script for my final (!) Uni project right now so although I am reading a lot, it's either textbooks/pdf's on scriptwriting or a few chapters/pages at a time from several books.

See, I've decided where I want to take this script is into dystopia, and because I've never written anything like that before, I'm researching quite a bit. The writing process/story and characters are fine, I know I can write well and can form good characters but adding such an important setting and background and having it be basically a character in its self is a little daunting. I'm pretty much going dystopia-crazy trying to research.

So far I'm looking at:
The Long Walk
Cloud Atlas
The Children Of Men
The Handmaid's Tale
Lord Of The Flies
Hey Nostradamus
The Road

But if any of you have any suggestions that you think might be helpful, (books, films, radio plays...anything) then please let me know in the comments I'd really appreciate it!

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