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My birthday is in February, I have a tiny Whippet named Lola, I have a large collection of Disney films - mainly the Princess ones - on VHS - which I still watch, I love sailor collars, My favourite superhero is Batman, My mum used to call me "Sunshine"- I have it tattooed in her writing on my forearm - She's incredible, I've worked in a fabrics factory - and McDonald's, I'm a vegetarian, I love magicians - and comedians - but feel utter shame for them if they're bad, I like being British - we have great things here, I love eighties music - and nineties music - and seventies mus....I just love music, I have dimples - at 21, I always wear 2 silver rings - which I don't take off, I collect records, I own far too many pairs of shoes, I have at least four copies of Pride & Prejudice, The first book I ever bought for myself was Vicky Angel by Jacqueline Wilson - I met her and got it signed, I own 3 signed books - the above mentioned - Fight Club (Chuck Palahniuk) - and The Fault In Our Stars (John Green), I've never seen Star Wars - any of them, I'm a film student, I was top of my class at A-Level English -  Grade A*, I have a National Certificate in Art & Design, I've seen a lot of bands live, I steal hotel keys, I adore Christmas, I'm not religious, I've been to Paris, Dublin & Belgium, I yearn for Disneyland, My favourite Shakespeare play is Romeo & Juliet, I'm a blood - bone marrow & organ donor (or at least I will be), I love body modification, I wear mostly band t-shirts, I eat a lot of Apples - Apple is my favourite flavour, I like to organize and prefer to write with pen and paper - rather than to type.

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