Autumn Wishlist

The leaves are slowly browning and beginning to fall, Starbucks have begun serving spice pumpkin latte's, and the nights are creeping in...that means only one thing - Autumn! Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons, they hold all of my favourite things; Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays, Snow, Hats, Gloves...Oh the list is endless! Here's a few things I'm excited about buying/wishing for this season.
1) A Clockwork Orange Fleece Jumper - Out Of Print Clothing. 2) Chuck Palahniuk - Invisible Monsters Remix. 3) Italo Calvino - If On A Winter's Night A Travleller. 4) Will Christopher Baer - Godspeed. 5) George R.R. Martin's Tales Of Duck & Egg.

1 comment:

  1. It's simply not fall until Starbucks starts busting out those pumpkin spice lattes. Loving the Droog fleece jumper!


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