I see my baby, she's starry eyed

Last night, after months of work, I handed in my dissertation. Worry finally over! (until next weeks other deadline) which means I'll be back to regular book posting! More than that it means I can finally enjoy reading again without being worried that I have work I should be doing!

♥ Miss Chanandler Bong in the crossword ♥ This Is 40 (amazing) ♥ New Years Eve = Mean Girls drinking game ♥ Blink 182 sing scream-a-long ♥ Happy New Years ♥ Terrible Quality making it to 8am on NY ♥ Dissertation hair ♥ This needs to be purchased ♥ Palo Alto ♥ Dissertation ♥ Researching the crap out of my dissertation (last minute!) ♥ Bowie's Comeback! ♥ Fevre Dream ♥ Turned in my dissertation!! Finally!
 ♥ Excited for this 

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